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TK/Kindergarten Team

Dear Family Member:

This week our class will be focusing on different jobs that people have in the community. Children will read stories and learn about the tools and equipment that workers use.

Here are some activities that you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we will be practicing.

Word Workout

  • Vocabulary: equipment, uniform Brainstorm some different kinds of workers in your community. Encourage your child to tell about the equipment a worker uses and the uniform a worker wears.
  • My Words to Know

High-Frequency Word: you With your finger, spell out the word you on your child’s arm. Next, encourage your child to think of a sentence that includes the word you. Write it down.

Category Words: jobs Play a game called “Guess the Worker.” Give your child clues about what a worker does and act it out. Encourage your child to guess the job.

Phonics: Help your child think of words that begin with or include the letter o. Then ask your child to underline the letter in each word.

Comprehension: key details

Have your child look closely at the picture of different kinds of workers. Ask your child to describe details that tell about the uniforms or clothing these workers wear and the tools or equipment they use.