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TK/Kindergarten Team

Dear Family Member:

This week our class will be reading stories about baby animals and their families. Your child will also discover ways in which baby animals move, such as hopping, running, galloping, and crawling.

Here are some activities you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we’ll be practicing.

Word Workout

  • Vocabulary: adventure, movement Have your child move like a bunny rabbit. Encourage your child to tell about an adventure he or she would have as a bunny.
  • My Words to Know

High-Frequency Word: we With your finger, write the word we on your child’s back, then have him or her write we on your back. Write sentences using the word we and have your child underline it.

Category Words: family words Encourage your child to draw a picture of a family. Have him or her identify each member of the family. Then invite him or her to draw a favorite baby animal and its family.

Phonics: Look for words in a book that begin with or have the letter in them. Encourage your child to point to letter and say: I see a! Then help your child sound out each word.

Comprehension: key details

Read a story about a pride, or family, of lions. Then have your child tell details about what each lion likes to do.